Principal- Mrs. Kruska

Vice Principal- Mrs. Lowther

Administrative Assistant- Ms. Garrett

Front Office- Mrs. DiVitale

Kindergarten- Mrs. Brain

First Grade- Mrs. Escamilla

Second Grade- Mrs. Noto-Turley

Third Grade- Mrs. Hart

Fourth Grade-Mrs. Carpenter

Fifth Grade- Mrs. Alvarez

Sixth Grade- Mrs. Streit

Seventh Grade- Mr. Brynjegard

Eighth Grade-Mrs. Brosamle

Eighth Grade Math/Jr. High Art- Mrs. Amano

Spanish- Sra. Snyder

MUsic- Mr. Bonaduce

PE- Coach Magallon

K-5 Art- Mrs. Mostarda

Kindergarten Aides- Mrs. Mostarda/Mrs. Short

First Grade Aide- Mrs. Garcia

Second Grade Aide- Mrs. Klein

Third Grade Aide- Mrs. Rehorst

Fourth Grade AIde- Mrs. Short

Fifth Grade AIde- Ms. Lowther



My Thoughts about St. Bernardine


I go to Catholic school and I have many blessings. God has given me the gift of life, but St. Bernardine's has given me the gift of learning.

~ A Student